Old News

Centurion Air Cargo has a twice weekly MD/11F flight: Wednesdays and Saturdays.

From September 1st Blue1 will stop flying to AMS.

From Septermber 1st Estonian will stop flying to AMS. They will code-share on existing KLM flights.

From September 1st United will replace their 777 with a 757 on the IAD flight.

The fifth KLM 777-300 has been delivered! PH-BVF.

KLM has ordered three A330-300s. For KLM Cityhopper another five E-190s have been ordered to replace the last F100s.

The DDA's PH-PBA has been repainted into a vintage KLM livery.

TMA wants to start flying to AMS again in 2011.

Air Baltic will increase frequency from daily to twice daily.

Blue1 will operate a flight to Helsinki with ARJ and 717s.

FedEx wants to open a 4x weekly flight between Helsinki and CDG using AMS as stop-over using a 757.

XL Airways Germany wants to open a base at AMS.

China Southern increases their passenger flights from daily to 10x a week.

Vueling will open a base at AMS in April. Slots have been requested for 11 destiantions, mostly Spanish but also Zurich and Pisa.

Air Arabia Maroc wants to open a daily flight to AMS with the summer schedule.

This summer schedule Air Transat will be back again. They will use a combination of A310s and A330s to YYZ, YYC and YVR.

MASkargo will increase capacity at AMS, with some flights to be operated by Southern Air 747Fs.

Saudi Airlines Cargo has started operating from AMS. They have a thrice weekly service from Riyadh and Jeddah via Kenya. Flights from MON, WED and SAT with MD-11Fs.

Between 04JAN and 27FEB several of Iberia's flights will be operated by Air Nostrum CR2 and CR9s.

Cargolux intends to start operations from AMS using 747-8s in 2011!

Martinair has been taken over by KLM. The passenger side of Martinair will stop, with soem routes taken over by KLM. The cargo side of Martinair will continue.

Thai Cargo has opened a route to AMS with 777Fs.

Emirates has opened a route to AMS!

Starting December 16th B&H Airlines will open a route linking Sarajevo with AMS using A319s.

Starting november 1st Air Arabia will increase their Casablance route from 4x weekly to daily.

Air Algerie will open a flight to AMS starting november 7th. No frequency details yet.

From october 31st Cimber Air will open a route to Copenhagen. During the week with 737s, weekends with ATRs.

China Southern Cargo has started using the 777F to Amsterdam.

The whole area around the polderbaan has received parking restrictions. Please do not park at the IJweg anymore, including at the well known roundabouts. Police enforce the new restrictions tightly! Instead, park at the official spot (West-side) or in the village of Boesingheliede (East-side). For the west side that won't be a problem. For the east side you'll have to walk quite a distance.

Japan Airlines will close the entire Cargo division. This will also mean the end of the pretty "silver bullet" cargo flights.

Sometime mid May / early June Qatar Cargo will introduce the cargo B777 instead of the cargo A300.

From may 15th a new airline will fly to AMS, Anadolujet will open a route to Ankara.

Jett8 will restart flying AMS-DXB-SIN from april 15th.

From may 1st, Air Atlanta will stop flying cargo for MAS. Instead, Southern Air will fly cargo for MAS.

KLM Cityhopper has retired the last F50.

The Buitenvelderbaan will be closed for maintenance from 05APR to 02MAY.

Sad Fokker news: the last KLM Cityhopper Fokker F50 flight is scheduled for march 27th 2010...

...but also good Fokker news. The plans to restart the production of Fokker jets are one step closer now the government has granted a 20 million loan (pending EU approval).

The Times is reporting that BMI will cut their route to AMS as of March as part of a mayor cost cutting excercise.

According to luchtvaartnieuws
Emirates and Qatar Airways are looking into opening a passenger route to Schiphol when summer season starts.

Qatar Cargo will sen
d the 772F to Schiphol on tuesdays. Their first 772F is to be delivered around june.

Starting march 28th Korean Air will replace the 747 again with a 772.

Till 31OCT the Kaagbaan will be used as little as possible due to noise regulations.

From november 25th Surinam Airways will retire their B747-300. They expect delivery of a 2nd hand A340-300 soon.

In the winter schedule Swedish airline MCA will start a weekly route between AMS and Erbil (Iraq).

United will this winter get the 777 back on the IAD flight.

Sky Europe has gone bankrupt.

Starting 25 october Air Arabia Maroc will increase from 4x weekly to daily flights to Casablanca.

Asiana Cargo will stop flying to Amsterdam in november.

The new police helicopters have been delivered.

Before the end of the year KLM Cityhopper will retire all but three F50s. The remaining three will go early 2010.

KLM Cityhopper has ordered 7 more EMB-190s, the delivery schedule of the original order has been accelerated.

KLM will lease two of itīs cargo 747s to Martinair, Martinair will park it's own 747s.

Amsterdam Airlines has had two more A320s delivered.

Delta has painted a B767 in Skyteam livery. KLM's 4th B777-300 will be delivered with the same Skyteam colours.

Emirates Skycargo has received its first B777F, and will use it to AMS!

Malaysia will re-introduce the B772, replacing the B744. Up till june 1s there will be only 6 flights a week instead of daily.

Turkuaz has stopped flying to AMS.

Skyways has announced plans to start flying 10x weekly between Vilnius and AMS.

KLM Cityhopper has retired three more F100s. PH-OFC, PH-OFI and PH-OFK. Also retired are two F50s, PH-KXH and PH-LXK. The F100s are at WOE, the F50s at CGN.

The local police department has opened a special hotline for spotters to report suspicious behaviour. The number is +31 (0) 206 012 796.

KLM Cityhopper has retired the first three F100s. PH-KLD, PH-KLE and PH-KLG.

All KLM planes have been re-painted in the new livery. KLM Cityhopper still has a few old livery planes.

Martinair Cargo will retire two of its 747s april 1st.

With the summer season Delta/NWA will replace a few of the A330 flights with the B767. The Atlanta flight will be upgraded from B767 to A330.

From march 28th Continental CO58 will be operated with a 777.

Starting march 31 Windjet will commence operations to AMS from Bologna.

For the summer season Easyjet will drop 14 of its weekly flights, leaving 126. GVA and LTN will each loose one flight a day.

The second KLM Cityhopper E-190 has been delivered.

The first KLM Cityhopper E-190 has been delivered!

KLM has released their future fleet-plan:
* European fleet: complete overhaul by 2010/2011;
* 15 F100s retired by 2010;
* All F50s retired in 2 years;
* All full-pax B747 replaced by 773;
* Combi 747s and MD-11s replaced by A350 or B787.

From march 2nd NWA will re-introduce the 744 on a scheduled service!

Delivery of ArkeFly's second B737, PH-TFB, has been delayed to february due to the Boeing strike.

The Kaagbaan still has a spotters area. Click here for the updated information!

With the bankruptcy of Futura the Arkefly lease of 2 B7370-900s has stopped as well.

Air Bridge Cargo will move the B742 operations to Maastricht. The B744 will remain at AMS.

Cargolux will commence flying to AMS on monday and wednesdays.

Cathay Cargo will increase from 4 to 6 flights weekly. Every day but sunday.

The entire B-pier will be remodeled, it's gates getting new gate numbers.

Updated the busline information on this site.

With the start of the winter schedule Belavia wants to commence flying to Minsk on monday, wednesday and saturdays using a 735.

This winter BA's "Open Skies" subsidiary wants to start flying AMS-JFK daily except for tuesday and saturday.

Kingfisher Airlines wants to open a hub at AMS for flights from India to the USA! First flights expected late october.

As of 26OCT Air Baltic will return with a daily 737 flight.

Starting september 3rd Eva Air will replace their 744 with a 773.

SLM wants to replace their 743 with a 772.

El Al Cargo will stop flying to AMS from october. Flights are moving to Liege.

Due to increasing fuel costs Polar/Atlas will stop using the B747-200. China Airlines Cargo will stop all flights.

Jett8 intends to fly to AMS from 02 July.
Mon: ETA 08:15, ETD 10:20
Wed: ETA 21:35, ETD 10:06
Sat: ETA 07:55, ETD 10:25

ArkeFly has had its first B739ER delivered. A summerlease from Futura.

From 23/06 to 13/07 the Zwanenburgbaan will be closed for maintenance. The Buitenveldertbaan will be used instead.

Amsterdam Airways's first plane has been delivered. PH-AAX.

Martinair's PH-MCL has been turned into a retro-jet to celebate Martinair's 50th birthday.

Till may 31st Kenya Airways will fly double daily to Nairobi. This is only temporary since KLM has maintenance on its 747 flying the same route.

Malaysia will introduce a weekly saturday flight in addition to the flights they already got.
ETA 16:20. ETD 20:30

In June United will re-introduce the 772 to AMS.

All KLM's B737-800s now have had winglets added. Next in line are the B737-900s.

A new Thair airline, Siam Pearl Airways, intends to start flying to AMS from Bangkok using a 767 initially to be replaced lated with a 747.

KLMīs first B777-300 has been delivered.

Vueling will stop the twice daily MAD/AMS service with the summer schedule.

Blue1 has stopped flying to AMS.

This summer season Clickair will stop the Sevilla route, but Vueling will take it over.

Martinair has retired the last B747-200.

The Martinair logojet (the roses) has been repainted.

The Kaagbaan spot has been closed.

The Kaagbaan spot will close 26.JAN at 07:00. Dutch language source

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KLM/Air France has taken over VLM

PH-BXW has been delivered to KLM. A new 737-800.

Arkefly's PH-AHQ was damaged at Chania when its wing struck a lamp-post. She won't be flying till repairs are complete.

With the summer season Easyjet will cut flights.
Edinburg -1 flight
Liverpool -1 flight
Gatwick -1 flight

will add a saturday flight in the summer using the B744:
MH7326 eta 18:40
MH7327 etd 22:30

Centralwings will add flights to Gdanks starting this summer on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays.
C0153 eta 19:40
C0154 etd 20:20

With the summer season Ukraine International will add a flight on Tuesdays. 

KLM has announced some additional orders:
2 x B773, 2 x A332, 3 x B73G 

KLM has announced their intention to start withdrawing the 747 combis and the MD-11s  from 2014.

Transavia has bought 7 new B737-800s with options on 3 more. They will replace older B738s.

TUIfly has received it's first B737, PH-TFA.

Transavia's PH-HZO has been leased out to Aloha.

Martinair has retired  the A320s from service. On a brighter note, PH-MPR was delivered 31OCT. Their 3rd B747-400F.

A new aviation hobby store will be opened at Schiphol Plaza between the supermarket and the "Flemish" snackbar. 

JET2 will stop flying to AMS in january 2008.

During the winter season all KLM 737NGs will get winglets. First to be converted is PH-BXU.

Chinese cargo airline Grandstar wants to start flying to AMS from the 2nd quarter 2008.

Starting 15december My Air will commence flights to AMS twice weekly using CRJ-900.

KD Avia has stopped flying to AMS.

SAS has retired its complete Dash 8 fleet effective immediately. Maybe some interesting sub-charters?

Blue1 will stop its flights to AMS no later then summer season 2008.

March 29th Northwest will open a flight to Portland (PDX).

Air Mauritius is reported as flying to AMS from the summer season. Possibly even already with the winter season!

With the summer season BA will introduce the 763 to AMS.
BA440 eta 18:05
BA441 etd 19:20

Starting March 2008 the newest French airline, Eurociel, will commence flying. Their website lists Amsterdam as a desination from Nimes. If they will start immediately with AMS is unknown.

The Kaagbaan spot will remain open for the time being. See here the (translated) news article.

Martinair's summerlease D-AXLC has been returned to the owner.

The Kaagbaan has been re-opened from maintenance. The Kaagbaan spot is now expected to stay open till december '07.

Transavia's summerlease PH-HSX will go back to the Carribean 28AUG.

KLM Cityhopper is going to get 10 Embraer 190s, as well as 9 more options. KLM Cityhopper will also get 5 Fokker F70s from AF-Regional. These planes will replace 15 Foker F100s out of the current 21.

TUIfly is going to get to 787s and 737s!

Starting september Delta will replace the 763 with a 764 on the Atlanta flight.

VLM will introduce 2 more daily flights to LCY with the winter schedule. That makes 15!

Martinair will retire the A320s after the summer season is over. All flights to Europe to cease.

With the winter schedule Jet2 will introduce the 752.
LS 205 eta 21:30
LS206 etd 22:30

With the winter schedule JAL will increase the number of carge flights. The additional flights will be after dark though.

An Air Atlantique DC-6 is in the KLM E&M paintshop being painted in the 1953 KLM livery for the movie "Bruidsvlucht".

In week 36 and 37 the Kaagbaan will be closed for maintenance.

The 14th of July TNT Logistics will bring in BOTH their 747s. The first at 19:35 coming from Liege and the second at 20:45 coming from Dubai.

Both US Airways and Northwest have introduced the 757 to AMS.

Transavia has introduced several summer leases...
OH-AFI Air Finland
PH-HSY Spicejet (VT-SPG)
PH-HZR Spicejet

... And Martinair is leasing as well!
C Star XL
N738MA Miami Air 
N739MA Miami Air 

KLM has converted their three B738 orders to B73G. On top of that new orders have been placed for 7 B73G thus making 10 B737-700s. Another 7 are on option.

EAE will cease flying to AMS 31JUL. This will actually be their last flight ever, as the company will cease operations 30SEP.

Transavia's PH-HZE, HZW and HZX have been turned into  into a logo-jets for the supermarket chain Jumbo. More will follow.

The Transavia logojet with the small holiday-photos has gone back to normal livery.

PH-HZL and PH-HZM  have been returned to Transavia. Both where leased to KLM.

Martinair has introduced a Jetix logojet on PH-MPE.

PH-BXV, KLM's first 737 with winglets, was delivered today (17MAR).

Transavia will start a French subsidiary. Marketing experts have worked overtime and came up with the name Transavia France.

The line-up spot alongside the western side of the Polderbaan has been closed. The rest of the western side of the runway is still accesible for spotting.

Air Nostrum will start flying to AMS this summer with a CRJ200.
SDR-AMS eta 17:05
AMS-SDR etd 17:45
SDR-AMS eta 17:05
AMS-SDR etd 17:45
SDR-AMS eta 13:25 
AMS-SDR etd 14:05

ClickAir will start flying to AMS this summer.
BCN-AMS eta 09:15 + 21:25
AMS-BCN etd 09:50 + 21:50

WindJet will start flying to AMS this summer on thursdays and saturdays.
CTA-AMS eta 14:50
AMS-CTA etd 15:40

Georgian Airlines will add one weekly flight with the summer schedule.

Smartwings and Portugalia will stop flying to AMS when the summer schedule starts.

Great Wall Airlines has returned!

Delta is rumoured to introduce the 764ER on some flights.

The Kaagbaan spot is to be closed in May 2007.

Transavia has applied a special scheme to PH-HZN.

EC-JHV has been leased for the summer by ArkeFly from Futura.

EC-JRU has been returned to Iberworld. (ArkyFly)
G-MIDM has been returned to BMI. (ArkyFly)
EC-HZU has been returned to Iberworld. (Martinair)
PH-HZQ has been returned to South African.  (Transavia)
PH-HZR has been returned to Spicejet.  (Transavia)
PH-HZZ has been returned to South African. (Transavia)

From march 26th Finnair will add a E170 flight.
arr. 21:40
dep. 07:30

More information on the NWA 757 flights! Starting june 2007 we will get them!
NW98 arr. 06:45
NW97 dep. 13:30
BOS-AMS (new flight)
NW60 arr. 11:00
NW59 dep. 08:10
DTW-AMS (new flight)
NW36 arr. 11:55
NW35 dep. 12:55

BMI has canned the SOU route.

nother VLM route! LCY-AMS-GRQ (Groningen) will start october 30th. Flights are two flights monday to friday.

Lithuanian Airlines will add a Saab 2000 flight to Palanga (PLQ) for the winter schedule.
TE0862 arr. 12:55
TE0863 dep. 13:55

From october 29th Portugalia will only use Embraers to AMS. No more F100s.

From november 4th Karthago will add a 2nd flight on Saturday.
KAJ6400 arr. 11:15
KAJ6401 dep. 12:02
KAJ6402 arr. 19:10
KAJ6403 dep. 20:00

Clickair will start flying to BCN - AMS march 1st. Iberia will codeshare with these flights, scrapping two of its own flights.
flight 1047 arr. 09:15
flight 1046 dep. 09:50
flight 1049 arr. 21:15
flight 1048 dep. 21:50

DAS Air Cargo has been banned from Europe. DAS has leased Gemini Air Cargo MD11s and DC10s to substitute their planes. Cancellations of some flights may be necessary.

Once again the Aalsmeerderbaan has been closed due to the recent grit problem following resurfacing.

Air China Cargo 744Fs are due in the following dates:
october 28
november 2, 5, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29

The last NW DC-10 flight will not be january 2nd as mentioned earlier, but october 30th.

Aalsmeerderbaan has reopened again.

Great Wall Airlines has stopped flying to AMS following a US embargo on their parent company. It is unknown when (if) they will return.

During resurfacing of the Aalsmeerderbaan a few weeks ago errors where made. The runway has been closed until the error can be corrected.

JetNetherlands has bought two Cessna Mustangs, to be delivered late 2007. Another two are on option. JetNetherlands is based at Schiphol Oost.

BMI Regional will stop the AMS-SOU route from october 29th.

Air berlin will stop the AMS-TXL route.

In September Sun Country will lease out a 738 to Transavia for 3 weeks.

Jade Air Cargo will start flying to AMS august 5th. The route will be AMS-ICN-SZX.

has leased a BMI A321 for the summer. Registration G-MIDM.

World of Wings (aviation store in terminal) has closed.

Great Wall Airlines is a new cargo airline flying to AMS.

A few summer leases for Dutch charterers:
EC-HZU A320 Martinair
EC-JRU A320 ArkeFly
PH-HZR B737-800 Transavia

There is a rumour going aroud that NW may introduce a few new flights to Europe using 757s. Flights to AMS that are mentioned include EWR, DTW and BDL

e Aalsmeerderbaan is temporarily closed for maintenance. Septermber 6th it it scheduled to be re-opened.

KLM B767 PH-BZF has been retired and will be delivered to Aeroflot.

he president of the Ukraine will visit the Netherlands june 7th and 8th. Perhaps he will land at AMS?

The LAST SCHEDULED NW DC10 FLIGHT TO AMS will be january 2nd to Minneapolis.

nother JET2 flight starting october 29th:
LS769 arr. 1915
LS770 dep. 1945

From october 29th JAL will replace the 744s with 772s.

FlyBE will start flight between Southampton and AMS for the winter schedule. BMI Regional intends to open the same route.

KLM will get a few 777-300s. Number not yet announced officially, but rumoured to be four. The regional fleet will not be replaced for at least another three to five years.
Click HERE for the Dutch article at luchtvaartnieuws.nl.

Arkefly has leased one A320 from Iberworld for the summer season.

has started flying to AMS.

Secretary of State Schultz (ministry of infrastructure) has stated that Schiphol will not need a 6th runway. Building a new airport in sea is no alternative either. She thinks that diverting low cost and charters to Lelystad will present a better option for the future.The cabinet has also decided that Schiphol can grow to 500.000 flights a year, up from 400.000.  Click HERE for the Dutch article at NOS.nl.

The spot east of the Martinair Cargo building (S-apron) is no longer available. Due to construction work the grass field has been closed. Most likely a new cargo terminal is being build, so this spot will probably be gone forever.

The Aalsmeerderbaan will undergo maintenance from may 9th to may 24th. Therefor it will be closed. The buitenveldertbaan and the Kaagbaan will therefor be used more extensively. From may 24th to june 14th the runway will be closed during the nights.

Unfortunately the aviation store World of Wings has announced they are going to close june 1st. They will have a clearance sale till may 28th with reductions. The reductions will increase to up to 50%. Click HERE for the Dutch article at luchtvaartnieuws.nl. 

Kenya Airways will add extra flights this summer for july 2nd to september 23th on saturdays and sunday. Flights are to be done with a B767-300.
KQ118 arr. 0700
KQ119 dep. 1140

From october 2nd the Northwest flight to BOM will be with a 332 instead of the DC10.

LAN Cargo schedule. All flights with 763F:
UC1500 arr. 10:00
UC1500 dep. 11:30
UC1500 arr. 19:00
UC1500 dep. 20:30 
UC1502 arr. 07:20
UC1502 dep. 08:50
UC1500 arr. 19:00
UC1500 dep. 20:30 

The FlyMe schedule (monday to friday):
arr. 11:35
dep. 12:35
and on sundays:
arr. 19:55
dep. 20:40

China Southern will increase the frequency of its passenger flights to AMS. From july 1st they will be 5x weekly instead of 4x weekly. And from august 1st they will come daily. All flights with 777, so the rumoured 330 has fallen through.
CZ345 arr. 17:55
CZ346 dep. 20:00

Qatar Cargo now flies daily except for mondays.

The large hill at Schiphol Oost has gone.

EAE has started flying to AMS.

Jet2 will drop the afternoon AMS-MAN flight for the summer season.

SATA wants to fly one times weekly to AMS in the summer season.

Varig has stopped its flights to AMS.

For the summer season Tunisair will add a Satuday flight. Flights are to be operated by a B737-600.
TU636 arr. 11:00
TU637 dep. 11:50

The first KLM Cityhopper F50 has finally received the new livery.

BMI Regional wants to open a 3x daily route to Aberdeen using the E145. Flights start with the summer season.
BD323 arr. 10:00
BD324 dep. 10:30
BD325 arr. 14:40
BD326 dep. 15:10
BD327 arr. 19:15
BD328 dep. 19:45

VARIG will stop its AMS flights with the summer schedule. Pax loads have always been low and now it has been decided to move the cargo by truck to CDG.

PIA wants to use the 772 for the summer season due to its increased cargo capacity over the A310.

KLM intends to replace its 737 classics with new 737s. This should amount to roughly 25 to 30 planes. (external link)

Transavia has a new livery.

Air Astana is expected to come in december 8th at around 10:00 for maintenance at KLM (hangar 10). She should leave again a day later also around 10. 

SunExpress will open a route to Izmir (Turkey) twice weekly for the summer season.

Skyeurope will add flights to Poznan (Poland). Flights are 3 times weekly starting march 25th.Bratislava and Krakow will gain one weekly flight.

BMI Baby will add Cardiff to its list of destinations for the summer '06 schedule.
Mon-Fri arr WW2991 21:20
dep WW2992 21:50
Sat arr WW2991 09:20 
Sat dep WW2992 09:45
arr WW2991 18:55
n dep WW2992 19:25

et2 will add a NCL flight twice daily starting april 27th.
arr LS551 10:00
dep LS552 11:00
arr LS553 21:00
dep LS552 22:00

Schiphol has opened a new pier. The new H-pier will be used only be low cost carriers. Easyjet, BMIbaby, Thomsonfly, Jet2 and Sky Europe will use this pier. From december 1st Wizz Air will join them. This does restrict the viewing possibilities at the spot just outside Schiphol Plaza.

EAE (European Air Express) will open a route to Munster/Osnabruck. From march 6th there will be 3 flights per day during the week, and two flights per day during weekends. Flights are done with an ATR42.

Another new entrant for the summer season. FlyMe will operate a 733 between Goteborg and Schiphol twice daily except saturday.
arr at AMS 10:10 
dep from AMS 11:35
arr at AMS 18:30
dep from AMS 19:55
arr at AMS 12:35
dep from AMS 14:00
arr at AMS 20:40
dep from AMS 22:05

With the summer season Sterling will open a route from both Oslo and Stockholm to Amsterdam. Flights should start march 26th and will be twice daily except saturday. Flights are to be operated by 73Gs and 738s.

arr at AMS 08:55
dep from AMS 09:35
arr at AMS 19:35
dep from AMS 20:25

arr at AMS 07:30
dep from AMS 09:30
arr at AMS 18:50
dep from AMS 20:50

arr at AMS 07:45
dep from AMS 09:40
arr at AMS 11:55
dep from AMS 14:30
arr at AMS 17:10
dep from AMS 20:00

arr at AMS 07:00
dep from AMS 08:55
arr at AMS 19:25
dep from AMS 21:25

For th
e summer season JAL is expected to bring in the 777. Not known yet if it will be '200ER or '300ER. The cargo flight will again be operated by 744Fs.

Below are the dates that Transavia will get its 737s back after conversion with winglets!
PH-HZB  08/11/05
PH-HZV  11/11/05
PH-HZL  14/11/05
PH-HZJ  17/11/05
PH-XRV  20/11/05
PH-HZY  23/11/05
PH-HZG  26/11/05 
PH-HZN  29/11/05
PH-HZX  02/12/05
PH-XRD  03/12/05

Schiphol to "regulate" plane spotting!

November 1st and 2nd president Putin of Russia will visit the Netherlands. Expect a lot of special movements!

Transavia will lease out 9 B737s during the winter season. Two for KLM, two for Spicejet (India) and the remaining five for Sun Country (USA).

Sterling will not fly to AMS in the winter, but is expected to return in the summer. 

Delta flight DL45 to Cincinatti will has stopped october 15th.

FlyGlobespan will start a daily route to Glasgow.
arrival at AMS 08:40
departure from AMS 09:20

Styrian Spirit is planning to fly to AMS from Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz and Salzburg.

Wizz Air has decided not to start flying to AMS from Katowice.

Virgin Express will stop the Rome route from december 22nd.

Smart Wings will stop the Prague flight late november.

r Alps will stop the Salzburg route starting november 3rd.

Meridiana will once again return to AMS. They just can't seem to make their minds up! Flights start december 1st and will be daily except wednesdays using a A319.
IG3425 arr. 0935
IG3425 dep 1015
IG3426 arr 1820
IG3426 dep 1935

B767 PH-BZB will leave the KLM fleet. October 3rd she will do a test flight in Neos livery (dutch registration). If all goes well it will fly to Greensboro the 4th of October with the new registration of EI-DMJ.

KLM Cityhopper will add three Fokker 100s.
11444 PH-OFL
11475 PH-OFM
11477 PH-OFN

From november 1st to november 10th the CO102/103 will be operated by a 75W. After november 10th the flight will be scrapped.

KLM's 2nd A330 will be delivered the 28th of september.

Air Scotland has decided not to start a flight to AMS despite earlier announcements.

Starting october LAN Cargo will be flying from Chile to AMS via Miami using a B763F. Flights will be on mondays, wednesdays, thursdays and saturdays.

SAS will fly every sunday between ARN and AMS with a DHC-8!
arr 1950
dep 2035

On thursdays Aer Lingus will add another frequency on the DUB-AMS route.
arr 1445
dep 1530

Air France will replace the Saab 2000 with an Embraer on the CFE-AMS route.
arr 1150
dep 1625

Air France will stop with its Embraer flights between LYS and AMS.

United will scrap its flights between Amsterdam and Chicago. The 7th of June United will restart this flight.

KLM is to introduce a BBJ service to IAH. The flight will be operated by Privatair's HB-JJA, a BBJ without winglets. Flights will be daily, except for wednesdays. The 3x weekly B767 flight will be cancelled.
KL663 dep 1425
KL664 arr 1235

KLM has introduced a special livery for their new Flying Blue frequent flyer program. The plane, B737-800 PH-BXC, will have this livery for roughly 6 months. Click here for a photo! 28/08/05

From the 19th of september to the 2nd of october the Polderbaan will be closed between 1900 to 0500. The Zwanenburgbaan will be used to replace the Polderbaan. During the closure a northern taxiway will be added to the Polderbaan. 

rting with the winter season Ethiopian will fly to AMS in the morning at 08:00 and leave at  20:00. Flights are on wednesdays and sundays.

KLM has received its first A330. The first of september the first revenue flight will be made to Washington DC.

Air Memphis has stopped flying to Schiphol.

Another new entrant at Schiphol is Karthago Airlines. They will have a flight every saturday using a B737-300.
KAJ6432 arr. 1825
KAJ6433 dep. 1925

SkyEurope will add a new route to Innsbruck using a 737-500. They will start this route december 1st.
NE651arr. 1205 tuesday & thursday
NE650 dep. 1245 tuesday & thursday
NE651 arr. 0535 sunday
NE651 dep. 0605 sunday

Starting november 1st Nordic East Airlink will start flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam. They will be on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays. Flights are operated by a MD-82.
LF821 arr. 1020
LF822 dep. 1100

Retirement schedule KLM 767-300s.

PH-BZA (C/n 27957/587) July 1995 May 2005
PH-BZB (C/n 27958/589) August 1995 September 2005
PH-BZC (C/n 26263/592) October 1995 December 2005
PH-BZE (C/n 28098/607) May 1996 March 2006
PH-BZD (C/n 27610/605) March 1996 April 2006
PH-BZF (C/n 27959/609) June 1996 May 2006
PH-BZG (C/n 27960/625) August 1996 November 2006
PH-BZH (C/n 27611/633) October 1996 January 2007
PH-BZI (C/n 27612/647) February 1997 February 2007
PH-BZO (C/n 30393/781) May 1997 March 2007
PH-BZM (C/n 28884/738) February 1999 March 2007
PH-BZK (C/n 27614/661) February 2000 April 2007

Vueling will start flying to AMS from both Barcelona and Valencia. Flights will start the 27th of October. There will be three daily flights.
VY4601 arr. 0645
VY4602 dep. 0735
VY4603 arr. 1255
VY4604 dep. 1335
VY3020 arr. 1935
VY3021 dep. 2010

Wizzair will start flights to AMS! Starting november 1st there will be 4 weekly flights to Budapest. Starting december 1st 3 weekly flights to Katowice will be added.
W6220 arr. 1610 tuesday
W6220 dep. 1640 tuesday
W6220 arr. 2130 thursday
W6220 dep. 22:00 thursday
W6220 arr. 0810 saturday
W6220 dep. 0840 saturday
W6220 arr. 10.00 sunday
W6220 dep. 10:30 sunday
W6190 arr. 21.20 tuesday
W6190 dep. 21:50 tuesday
W6190 arr. 21.00 thursday
W6190 dep. 21:30 thursday
W6190 arr. 18.30 saturday
W6190 dep. 19:00 saturday

EUjet has gone bankrupt.

Pulkovo will introduce the 735 from August 7th. It will replace the current Tu154 flight. Flights are wednesday, friday and sunday.
FV277 arr. 0915
FV278 dep. 1040

Air Berlin will start more flights from Schiphol. Flight 8148/8149 will be started on the 9th of august on Tuesdays to Fridays only. starting November 1st that flight will be daily. This new flight augments the already existing flight 8022/8023.
AB8022 arr. 07:30
AB8023 dep. 08:10
AB8148 arr. 16:30
AB8149 arr. 18:30

MASKargo will move three weekly flights from AMS to MST starting september 3rd.

Kalitta will restart its Kuwait service. There will be one weekly flight leaving friday afternoon. 
K4209 dep. 2000

homsonfly will start another route, Amsterdam to Doncaster. Flights will be daily except saturday, and start november 1st.
Sunday only:
TOM423 arr. 14:25
TOM424 dep. 15:05
Monday to Friday:
TOM425 arr. 20:35
TOM426 dep. 21:15

It is rumo
ured that Thai Airways will start a service to AMS via ZUR. Flights are to be done with the A340-600! They should start with the summer '06 schedule.

has temporarily suspended the evening flight to/from BSL. Only two flights remain:
BSL-AMS LX0708 arr. 0910 S20
BSL-AMS LX0706 arr. 1555 S20
BSL-AMS LX0710 suspended

Air Berlin
TXL-AMS AB 8022 dep. 06:10 - arr. 07:30 daily 738
AMS-TXL AB 8023 dep. 08:10 - arr. 09:30 daily 738
TXL-AMS AB 8148 dep. 15:10 - arr. 16:30 daily from 01/nov, 3 x weekly from 09/aug 738
AMS-TXL AB 8149 dep. 17:10 - arr. 18:30 daily from 01/nov, 3 x weekly from 09/aug 738

Air Bridge Cargo
KJA-AMS VDA223 Arr. 0620 Monday 742F
AMS-SVO VDA226 Dep. 1730 Monday 742F
VDA223 Arr. 0625 Tuesday 742F
AMS-SVO VDA226 Dep. 1630 Tuesday
KJA-AMS VDA285 Arr. 0625 Thursday 742F
AMS-SVO VDA285 Dep. 0920 Thursday 742F
KJA-AMS VDA288 Arr. 1650 Thursday 742F
AMS-SVO VDA288 Dep 2115 Thursday 742F
KJA-AMS VDA223 Arr. 0625 Saturday 742F
AMS-SVO VDA223 Dep. 1730 Saturday 742F
SVO-AMS VDA271 Arr 1750 Saturday 742F
AMS-SVO VDA271 Dep 1440 Sunday  742F

Fly Globespan 
GLA-AMS GSM7201 arr. 10:10 daily from 19/aug 735
AMS-GLA GSM7202 dep. 10:45 daily from 19/aug 735
GLA-AMS GSM7203 arr. 21:55 daily from 19/aug 735
AMS-GLA GSM7204 dep. 22:30 daily from 19/aug 735

Portugalia - Already started
LIS-AMS NI300 arr. 1240 100
AMS-LIS NI310 dep. 1340 100
POR-AMS NI114 arr. 1100 145
AMS-POR NI103 dep. 1755 145

STN-AMS OZ791 arr. 2215 wednesday 744F
AMS-ICN OZ792 etd. 0025 wednesday 744F
STN-AMS OZ791 arr. 1030 saturday 744F
AMS-ICN OZ792 dep. 1310 saturday 744F


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