Luxembourg Findel, 25/04/2013


between 08:00 and 15:00 I stood near the line-up point for runway 24. This spot is brilliant for the final approach. For line-ups the spot was only good in the early morning. The late morning and afternoon shots where all killed by heat-haze. In the distance the Cargolux freight ramp can be seen. The passenger ramps can also be seen, but at such a distance that no photos could be made even in the early morning. But it is possible to walk along most of the perimeter of Findel so if you want you can walk to a spot with better views on the passenger ramp as well.

Skidding a bit while lining up.

Registration Airline Type C/N
4K-SW008 Silk Way Airlines B747 29732/1231
CS-DNP Netjets Europe Falcon 109
CS-DPV biz jet C.510 510-0122
CS-DRS Netjets Europe Hawker 258795
CS-DRX Netjets Europe Hawker 258834
CS-TPD PGA Portugalia Airlines F100 11317
CS-TTQ TAP Air Portugal A319 629
D-ACPT Lufthansa Regional - Cityline CRJ-700 10103
D-ETAP private PA-28 2843254
D-ICCP High Sierra C.510 510-0375
EC-JOY Cimber Air CRJ-200 8064
F-GCGA private king air LJ-894
G-DBCB British Airways A319 2188
HB-IYT swiss. ARJ E3380
HB-JVF helvetic F100 11466
LX-AIB Aero sport PA-28 2841086
LX-AIC Aero Sport F.172 F17200852
LX-AVA Avia sport PA-28 2890157
LX-AVQ Avia sport PA-28 2841346
LX-FGB Flying Group Luxembourg C.560 560-6026
LX-HAR Luxembourg Air Rescue MD-902 900-00105
LX-LAA Luxembourg Air Rescue Learjet 45-308
LX-LGA Yakutia Airlines DHC-8 4159
LX-LGE Luxair DHC-8 4284
LX-LGF Luxair DHC-8 4349
LX-LGG Luxair DHC-8 4418
LX-LGJ Luxair ERJ-145 145395
LX-LGM Luxair DHC-8 4425
LX-LGN Luxair DHC-8 4426
LX-LGQ Luxair B737 33802/1442
LX-LGR Luxair B737 33803/1468
LX-LGU Luxair B737 41047/4272
LX-LGW Luxair ERJ-145 145135
LX-LGX Luxair ERJ-145 145147
LX-LGZ Luxair ERJ-145 145258
LX-VCA Cargolux B747 35808/1420
LX-VCC Cargolux B747 35807/1424
LX-VCG Cargolux B747 35812/1465
LX-VCV Cargolux B747 34235/1366
LX-WAV West Air Europe ATP 2041
M-GZOO biz jet Gulfstream 224
M-LEYS private king air LJ-1804
N210FK private P.210 P21000441
N310FW private M-20 25-0611
N555AU private PA-46 4697338
N700QT private TBM-700 337
OO-VLQ Cityjet F50 20159
P4-AFK biz jet B737 36493/2211
PH-FIS biz jet C.525 525-0514
PH-KZN KLM Cityhopper F70 11553
PH-KZS KLM Cityhopper F70 11540
VP-BXC Tesis Cargo B747 22254/418