Saint Petersburg Kronshstadt - Bullish Field, 14/08/2012

For my vacation I went a few days to Moscow with the Aeroprints aviation tour agency.

09AUG Domodedovo (includes airside)
10AUG Sheremetyevo (includes airside)
10AUG Vnukovo (includes VARZ400)
11AUG Monino
11AUG Chernoye
11AUG Khodynka
12AUG Zhukovsky
13AUG Saint Petersburg - Pulkovo
13AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg
14AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg


The last day of the trip the tour guide promissed us a field with six "flying boats". Whether that meant floatplanes or actual flying boats was unclear. Again the travel time was woefully underestimated.

It was immediately obvious there would not be floatplanes as we entered the airport of Kronshstadt. It is surrounded by forests all around. There was just one (small) flying boat, the rest where just kit planes and home builds.


This one was seen over the city of Saint Petersburg. It flies tourists once or twice a day on pleasure flights around Saint Petersburg's citadel.


Registration Type C/N
RA-0333G PA-28 28-7125604
RA-0335G L-42 001
RA-0455G CH-801
RA-0539G Delfin 3
RA-1578G Delfin 2
Delfin 4