Saint Petersburg Pulkovo, 13/08/2012

For my vacation I went a few days to Moscow with the Aeroprints aviation tour agency.

09AUG Domodedovo (includes airside)
10AUG Sheremetyevo (includes airside)
10AUG Vnukovo (includes VARZ400)
11AUG Monino
11AUG Chernoye
11AUG Khodynka
12AUG Zhukovsky
13AUG Saint Petersburg - Pulkovo
13AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg
14AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg


At the domestic terminal at Pulkovo most planes are parked at remote stands. A bus then drives you the short distance to the terminal. This gave a brief opportunity for some platform shots.

The Tupolevs in the background are no longer active. They are stored at a disused runway.

The following photos where all taken from inside the domestic terminal landside. The photos where taken standing next to the Burger King. The operations for the domestic terminal can be seen, but you canīt see whatīs going on at the international terminal. Later we found out there is an open air observation terrace to the right of the domestic terminal, but due to time limitations I was unable to take a look there.

This one did a go-around. Not the best photo by a long shot, but an interesting subject nonetheless.

Obviously no longer in use, it is now stored at the airport. I am not sure if they want to keep it as a gateguard or if it will be scrapped.


Registration Airline Type C/N
EI-CDE Rossiya - Pulkovo B737 25115/2050
EI-CDF Rossiya - Pulkovo B737 25737/2232
EI-CXN transaero B737 23772/1432
EI-DXY Rossiya A320 525
EI-EAR Rossiya B767 27616/714
RA-61703 Rossiya AN-148 27015040003
RA-61704 Rossiya AN-148 27015040004
RA-61705 Rossiya AN-148 27015040005
RA-61706 Rossiya AN-148 27015040006
RA-64519 Russian Air Force - Open Skies Tu-214 42709019
RA-85739 Rossiya TU-154 92A925
RA-85769 Rossiya TU-154 93A951
RA-85834 Rossiya TU-154 98A1014
RA-85835 Rossiya TU-154 98A1015
RA-85836 Rossiya TU-154 98A1018
RA-86106 Rossiya - Pulkovo IL-86 51483208074
VP-BPM POLET Aviakompania S2000 057
VP-BRP Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 24651/1842
VP-BYP transaero B737 28927/3074
VP-BYV Donavia B737 25160/2114
VQ-BAR Rossiya A319 1488
VQ-BAS Rossiya A319 1863
VQ-BAZ Aeroflot A320 3789
VQ-BDY Rossiya A320 1657
VQ-BED Aeroflot A321 4074
VQ-BKR Nordstar B737 33559/1443
VQ-BNL RusLine CRJ-100 7106