Saint Petersburg general aviation, 13/08/2012

For my vacation I went a few days to Moscow with the Aeroprints aviation tour agency.

09AUG Domodedovo (includes airside)
10AUG Sheremetyevo (includes airside)
10AUG Vnukovo (includes VARZ400)
11AUG Monino
11AUG Chernoye
11AUG Khodynka
12AUG Zhukovsky
13AUG Saint Petersburg - Pulkovo
13AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg
14AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg


When I booked the trip with Aeroprints they advertised the Saint Petersburg part of the trip with a platform tour at Pulkovo airport and a visit to the SPARK maintenance fasility (indeed it still says so now, 2 months after the trip). Quite early on they informed us that Pulkovo would be too expensive, but that they had found nice alternative: a visit to Pushkin air force base. Of course where alternatives go, this was great! In fact, even better then a visit to Pulkovo.

You can imagine the disappointment when we arrived in Saint Petersburg and where told the visit was cancelled. Apparantly the autorities had cancelled a few days earlier, but Aeroprints had neglected to inform us. But we where told that the organisor had found another alternative just a bit over half an hour away from Pulkovo. Continuing with the standards set on previous drives, the trip took 1,5 hour longer then promissed.


As the bus turned into Kummolovo it became immediately apparant this would not quite live up Pushkin. That said, the people here were very enthusiastic at our visit. Nothing was of limits. When asked if some of the planes could be rolled out of the hangars for photography, they immediately obliged as long as we promissed to help push.

First a shot of the control tower, meteo center and operations room.

Some of the Germans on our group managed to negotiate a price for a pleasure flight around the field in this An-2. Having never flown in one myself I took the opportunity!

The fortress we're flying over is Koporye. Click here to see it on a map.

As is the case with every airport in Russia, there is a dump with a few An-2s.

This An-2 is unlikely to ever fly again though.

Not a Luftwaffe plane, just a Yak-52 painted to look like one for a movie.

Nearby this airport is this ruin.

Registration Type C/N
01 black L-13
03 black L-13
07 yellow Mi-2 545636058
08 red PZL-104 18830742
114 red L-13
2906K yak-52
34 yellow Mi-2 545722078
HE60-18 paraglider  
LZ-133 PZL-101 119298
RA-0443G L-13
RA-0523G yak-52 CN-46 EEBC.02.0485
RA-0828G yak-52  
RA-0943G Yak-12 10523
RA-19620 Ka-26 7505104
RA-33526 AN-2 1G22918
RA-51470 AN-2 11347320
RA-51472 AN-2 1G4206
RA-54950 AN-2 1G18759
SP-CKA PZL-101 74137





Our second stop was at Gostilitsy airport. Even though the airport was closed, a cessna was running circuits leaving our host stuck in the control tower. When the cessna finally landed the tour began. We were given some details about the airport (*yawn*) and told to stick together. Some of our group found that a bit hard, so after a bit over half an hour we were booted out again, thereby ending a rather disappointing day.

Most of the planes here are boring old Cessna's and Pipers.

As well as a handfull of Yak's.

Including this less common Yak-18T...

...yet another Yak-52 in fake German markings. Maybe used for the same movie?

Registration Type C/N
336 extra
N2312J R-22 1984
N6683L La-4 446
N739XQ C.172 172-70892
RA-0332G yak-52
RA-0423G yak-18 22202023964
RA-0772G yak-52
RA-0882G C.182 182-67492
RA-0937G C.172
RA-1178G PA-38
RA-1273G T.207 20700388
RA-1378G C.210
RA-1488G C.150
RA-1540G TB-20
RA-1559G C.172
RA-1569G extra
RA-1637G C.172
RA-1733G L-42
RA-1774G C.172 172-61212
RA-1778G PA-38
RA-51471 AN-2 1G4313