Moscow Vnukovo, 10/08/2012

For my vacation I went a few days to Moscow with the Aeroprints aviation tour agency.

09AUG Domodedovo (includes airside)
10AUG Sheremetyevo (includes airside)
10AUG Vnukovo (includes VARZ400)
11AUG Monino
11AUG Chernoye
11AUG Khodynka
12AUG Zhukovsky
13AUG Saint Petersburg - Pulkovo
13AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg
14AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg

While we did not have permission for a ramp tour at Vnukovo (like two years ago), we were welcome to visit the VARZ-400 maintenance fascility. Because we were a bit early we started at the perimeter. This time not at the brilliant location near the Tu-104, but at the approach to runway 01. While this spot is very good for those collections registrations, for photography it's poor. There is a pedestrian bridge over the motorway from which some photos can be made. It should come as no surprise that this bridge has not been designed with a coachload of spotters in mind, so I only had the opportunity for one photo.

Moscow Vnukovo VARZ-400 ramp tour.

At VARZ we had two hours to visit two ramps. The first ramp also has a view over the airport, so we spend most time here.

Several Russian military plane where parked at VARZ as well. There was no problem to shoot these, but making photos from the nearby "Putin platform" was not allowed. This is the platform used for the Russian air force's passenger transport fleet (Tu-204s, IL-62s, Tu-154s, Yak-42s, Yak-40s).

There where also three military helicopters at VARZ, including two Kamov 26s RF-19154 and RF-19160 and Mi-8 RF-23103.

Because we spend so much time on the first platform, we had to rush our way through the second platform. Thatīs why the exposure is a bit blown out on the clouds of one or two shots.


While we were not allowed to make photos of the "Putin platforms" from the VARZ works, we did get another chance outside the airport. The fence is rather tall, so for photography you need a ladder... or you can climb a pipeline that crosses over the street! The photos ain't great, but the subject matter makes up for that.


Note that I have split up the registrations between the planes at VARZ and the planes at the airport.


The first section contains the VARZ planes.
Registration Airline Type C/N
RA-02857 biz jet ERJ-135 145549
RA-21506 Yak Service yak-40 9840259
RA-42439 Gazpromavia Yak-42 4520423904019
RA-42445 Tulpar Air Yak-42 4520424116669
RA-64008 Tupolev Design Bureau Tu-204 1450743164008
RA-65097 Kosmos Aviation Company TU-134 60540
RA-65557 Kosmos Aviation Company TU-134 66380
RA-65559 Aeroflot Plus TU-134 49909
RA-65956 Kosmos Aviation Company TU-134 65956
RA-65979 Russian Air Force TU-134 63158
RA-76846 Aviacon Zitotrans IL-76 93497936
RA-85084 Russian Air Force TU-154 08A1004
RA-85736 Tu-154 92A-918
RA-85743 Tu-154 92A-926
RA-85760 Continent TU-154 92A949
RA-85785 Continent TU-154 93A969
RA-85790 Yakutia Airlines TU-154 93A974
RA-85792 Continent TU-154 93A976
RA-86136 Atlant Soyuz IL-86 51483210094
RA-87226 Tulpar Air yak-40 9841459
RA-87227 Ak Bars Aero yak-40 9841559
RA-87334 Bylinea yak-40 9510738
RA-87494 Ak Bars Aero yak-40 9541745
RA-87828 Rusjet yak-40 9242024
RA-87908 Aero Limuzin yak-40 9721354
RA-88240 Rusjet yak-40 9641151
RA-88263 Bylinea yak-40 9711852
RA-88295 Rusair yak-40 9331329
RA-88308 biz jet yak-40 9230224
RF-19154 FSB Ka-226
RF-19160 FSB Ka-226
RF-23103 FSB Mi-8 58489617647
RF-32753 Russia Ministry for Emergency Situations Mi-8 96811
VP-BBL Atlant Soyuz B737 23183/1108
VP-BFJ Sky Express B737 24859/1919
VP-BXU UT Air B737 27318/2582


The below planes were at the airport.
Registration Airline Type C/N
9H-AFQ biz jet - Comlux Aviation Malta CL-600 5709
9H-XRS biz jet - Comlux Aviation BD.700 9329
A7-CEB Qatar Executive CL-600 5784
CCCP-L5412 Vnukovo TU-104 21905
CS-DFE biz jet - Netjets Europe Falcon 205
CS-DRV biz jet - Netjets Europe Hawker 258825
D-AGWH germanwings A319 3352
D-AKNO germanwings A319 1147
D-BAVG biz jet Citation 750-0227
EI-DBU transaero B767 25077/385
EI-DUA I-Fly Airlines B757 26247/860
EI-DUD I-Fly Airlines B757 26239/881
EI-RUB Transaero B737 33982/2338
EI-UNH Transaero Imperial B737 28916/2994
EP-TFI biz jet - Iran Air Force Falcon 120
G-CGHY biz jet Hawker 258477
G-GJMB biz jet - Corporate Jet Management CRJ-200 8055
G-IDRO biz jet - Corporate Jet Management BD.700 9286
HB-JRR biz jet - Comlux Aviation BD.700 9198
LX-RLG biz jet - Global Jet Luxembourg ERJ-135 145967
M-ARAE biz jet Gulfstream 4119
M-JETZ biz jet Falcon 105
M-SKSM biz jet BD.700 9227
N11UL biz jet - Wells Fargo Bank Hawker 8498
OE-GYB biz jet Hawker HA-0161
OE-HAB biz jet BD.100 20227
OE-IID biz jet F100 11368
OE-IZM biz Gulfstream 5177
OE-IZZ biz jet - Avcon Jet CL-600 8052
OO-OSG biz jet - Flying Service Gulfstream 065
P4-MVP biz jet Gulfstream 4247
P4-SVM biz jet - Orex Aviation ERJ-135 14501060
RA-01907 private AW-139  
RA-02850 biz jet - S-air hs125 257112
RA-11025 Kosmos Aviation Company An-12 6344103
RA-22424 Russian Railways Mi-8 00643073104U
RA-25187 Rossiya Mi-8 8663
RA-25533 Rossiya Mi-8 96598
RA-25636 Rossiya Mi-8 96884
RA-27016 Rossiya Mi-8 96482
RA-42330 Aero Rent Yak-42 4520422505122
RA-42342 UT Air Yak-42 4520421706302
RA-42362 UT Air Yak-42 4520424811431
RA-42367 ALK Yak-42 4520421914133
RA-42373 UT Air Yak-42 4520423914323
RA-42388 UT Air - Tulpar Yak-42 4520424016510
RA-42402 Rusair Yak-42 4520422116583
RA-42406 ALK Yak-42 4520424116638
RA-42411 Rusjet - Rosboronexport Yak-42 4520421219043
RA-42412 Yak Service Yak-42 4520422219055
RA-42423 Centre-Avia Yak-42 4520424216606
RA-42436 Gazpromavia Yak-42 4520421605018
RA-42437 Gazpromavia Yak-42 4520423606018
RA-42438 Gazpromavia Yak-42 4520423609018
RA-42451 Gazpromavia Yak-42 4520422708018
RA-42452 Gazpromavia Yak-42 4520423409016
RA-46352 UT Air Express An-24 97305801
RA-46532 UT Air Express An-24 57310101
RA-64010 Biz jet - Business Aero Tu-204 1450743164010
RA-64019 Red Wings Tu-204 1450741064019
RA-64020 Red Wings Tu-204 1450743164020
RA-64022 KMV Tu-204 1450743164022
RA-64046 Red Wings Tu-204 1450741664046
RA-64047 Red Wings Tu-204 1450744864047
RA-64050 Red Wings Tu-204 1450743164050
RA-64057 Rossiya Tu-204 1450744164057
RA-64504 Rossiya Tu-214 41204004
RA-64515 Rossiya Tu-204 44507015
RA-64516 Rossiya Tu-214 42709016
RA-64517 Rossiya Tu-214 41709017
RA-64520 Rossiya Tu-214 44709020
RA-64522 Rossiya Tu-214 43911022
RA-64524 Rossiya Tu-214 43003024
RA-65021 UT Air Tu-134 48390
RA-65055 UT Air TU-134 49856
RA-65550 biz jet - S-air TU-134 66200
RA-65576 Center South TU-134 63285
RA-65700 Center South Airlines Tu-134 64783
RA-65747 Rusjet TU-134 47715
RA-65919 Kosmos Aviation Company TU-134 66168
RA-65941 Kosmos Aviation Company Tu-134 60642
RA-65995 Russian Air Force TU-134 66400
RA-73000 Gazpromavia B737 28630/664
RA-73004 Gazpromavia B737 28635/734
RA-85001 Rossiya TU-154 89A820
RA-85056 UT Air TU-154 90A845
RA-85069 UT Air Tu-154 90A-863
RA-85629 Rossiya TU-154 87A758
RA-85631 Rossiya TU-154 87A760
RA-85645 Rossiya TU-154 88A782
RA-85659 Rossiya TU-154 89A809
RA-85686 Rossiya TU-154 90A854
RA-85707 Yakutia Airlines TU-154 91A882
RA-85709 Atlant Soyz Tu-154 91A-884
RA-85740 Atlant Soyz Tu-154 91A-895
RA-85751 Gazpromavia TU-154 92A933
RA-85773 UT Air TU-154 93A955
RA-85795 Continent Tu-154 93A-979
RA-85809 South East Airlines TU-154 94A985
RA-85836 Tu-154 98A-1018
RA-85843 Rossiya TU-154 95A991
RA-85845 Rossiya TU-154 86A735
RA-86062 Atlant Soyuz IL-86 51483203029
RA-86466 Rossiya IL-62 2749316
RA-86467 Rossiya IL-62 3749733
RA-86468 Rossiya IL-62 4749857
RA-86540 Rossiya IL-62 3546548
RA-86561 Rossiya IL-62 4154842
RA-87203 Rossiya yak-40 9741456
RA-87311 Rusjet Yak-40 9320629
RA-87968 Rossiya yak-40 9841258
RA-87971 Rossiya yak-40 9831558
RA-88304 biz jet Yak-40 9510439
RA-96012 Rossiya IL-96 74393201009
RA-96019 Rossiya IL-96 74393202019
RF-20450 FSB m-8
RF-28517 FSB Mi-8
TC-ARD biz jet - Arkasair CL-600 5611
UR-UTB UT Air Ukraine ATR 42 386
UR-UTI UT Air ATR 72 1000
UR-UTZ UT Air CRJ-100 7121
VP-BAG UT Air B767 27314/2566
VP-BCJ Atran B737 28663/2922
VP-BFG Yakutia Airlines B757 26244/616
VP-BLN UT Air ATR 42 278
VP-BOU Sky Express B737 25049/2091
VP-BPJ UT Air ATR 42 165
VP-BXO UT Air B737 27314/2566
VP-BXQ UT Air B737 27315/2571
VP-BXR UT Air B737 27316/2573
VP-BYL UT Air B737 28920/3048
VP-BZI biz jet CL-600 5149
VP-CSP biz jet - Springline Bae-125 8210
VQ-BCF Yakutia Airlines B757 27974/737
VQ-BCK Yakutia Airlines B757 26245/617
VQ-BGM UT Air CRJ-200 7130
VQ-BGO UT Air CRJ-100 7135
VQ-BGQ UT Air CRJ-200 7200
VQ-BGX UT Air CRJ-200 7394
VQ-BHZ UT Air B737 28549/2844
VQ-BJF UT Air B737 32778/1140
VQ-BJG UT Air B737 32779/1167
VQ-BJL UT Air B737 28913/2985
VQ-BJN UT Air B737 28911/2973
VQ-BJO UT Air B737 28910/2972
VQ-BJT UT Air B737 28900/2913
VQ-BLD UT Air ATR 72 945
VQ-BLE UT Air ATR 72 950
VQ-BLF UT Air ATR 72 951
VQ-BLK UT Air ATR 72 975
VQ-BLL UT Air ATR 72 976
VQ-BLN UT Air ATR 72 981
VQ-BMA UT Air ATR 72 983
VQ-BMB UT Air ATR 72 984
VQ-BMD UT Air ATR 72 990
VQ-BMP Yakutia Airlines B737 28617/504
VQ-BMW Yakutia Airlines B757 29330/843
VQ-BOV biz jet CL.600 8092
VQ-BPQ UT Air B737 28907/2956