Moscow Sheremetyevo, 10/08/2012

For my vacation I went a few days to Moscow with the Aeroprints aviation tour agency.

09AUG Domodedovo (includes airside)
10AUG Sheremetyevo (includes airside)
10AUG Vnukovo (includes VARZ400)
11AUG Monino
11AUG Chernoye
11AUG Khodynka
12AUG Zhukovsky
13AUG Saint Petersburg - Pulkovo
13AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg
14AUG general aviation around Saint Petersburg


Moscow Sheremetyevo ramp tour.

We started at one of the remote ramps used by Aeroflot for maintenance and parking planes. We were lucky to find almost half their Sukhoi fleet there, five out of nine where parked.

This one had been on my wish-list for a long time. If I am not mistaken this is the only Tupolev flying in DHL colours.


The seats being installed on this plane are definately not Ryanair issue! The seatbacks where almost as wide as the legspace on your average Ryanair cattle mover!


This is the same helicopter as seen two years ago. Last year the cockpit had not been covered up.


The next four shots are taken from a coach. We were not allowed to wander around on this ramp, because it is the FSB ramp. Still, two years ago we were not even allowed to point our cameras in the FSB's general direction so there is improvement!


Two more shots from the FSB, taken from a distance.

Registration Airline Type C/N
5B-DCK Cyprus Airways A320 2275
CCCP-75554 Aeroflot IL-18 184007501
CCCP-86003 Aeroflot - MSTUCA IL-86 51483200001
D-ACGD Air Cargo Germany B747 24061/717
EI-XLC Transaero B747 27100/1236
EI-XLD Transaero B747 26360/1166
EI-XLF Transaero B747 27645/1262
G-FCFC biz jet - Ocean Sky Aviation BD.700 9374
G-YAGT biz jet - Ocean Sky Aviation CL-600 5756
HL-7434 Korean Airlines Cargo B747 32809/1316
LN-RCY SAS B737 28324/767
M-ATOS biz jet - Banton Overseas Falcon 244
M-NICE biz jet Gulfstream 246
N842MH Delta Airlines B767 29715/856
OE-ICH biz jet Gulfstream 4104
OE-ILI biz jet - Vistajet CL-600 8048
OH-WIA biz jet C.680 680-0215
OK-NEP CSA Czech Airlines A319 3660
P4-GMS biz jet - Premier Avia BD.700 9426
P4-JET biz jet Falcon 295
P4-KUL biz jet - Empire Aviation Group ERJ-135 14500978
P4-MSG biz jet ERJ-135 14500913
P4-OAS air astana A321 1204
RA-02808 biz jet - Jet Air BAe 125 257184
RA-25777 Alfa Aero Mi-171 171.00066433105U
RA-42365 Aeroflot Plus Yak-42 4811447
RA-61704 Rossiya AN-148 27015040004
RA-64024 Aviastar - Tu Cargo - DHL Tu-204 1450743164024
RA-64026 Vladivostok Avia Tu-204 1450742264026
RA-64040 Vladivostok Avia Tu-204 1450744564040
RA-65124 Rusair TU-134 60560
RA-76460 Aeroflot / MSTUCA IL-76 13431928
RA-85663 Aeroflot / MSTUCA TU-154 89A817
RA-86103 Aeroflot / MSTUCA IL-86 51483208071
RA-86492 Aeroflot IL-62 4140324
RA-89001 Aeroflot Superjet 95008
RA-89003 Aeroflot Superjet 95011
RA-89004 Aeroflot Superjet 95012
RA-89005 Aeroflot Superjet 95013
RA-89006 Aeroflot Superjet 95014
RA-89007 Aeroflot Superjet 95015
RA-96005 Aeroflot IL-96 74393201002
RA-96010 Aeroflot IL-96 74393201007
RA-96011 Aeroflot IL-96 74393201008
RF-72010 FSB AN-72 36572040550
RF-72011 FSB AN-72 36572092841
RF-72012 FSB AN-72 36572093866
RF-72015 FSB AN-72 36572060620
RF-76325 FSB IL-76 0093493810
RF-76327 FSB IL-76 1013401006
SP-LNB LOT Polish Airlines EMB-190 190-00444
UR-DNK Dniproavia ERJ-145 145039
UR-DNV dniproavia ERJ-145 145445
UR-VVP Aerosvit B737 26290/2482
VP-BAZ Aeroflot B767 30111/776
VP-BDK Aeroflot A320 2106
VP-BDN Aeroflot A319 2072
VP-BGU Transaero B747 23482/640
VP-BHB Orenair B777 29402/517
VP-BKU Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 25789/2229
VP-BLY Aeroflot A330 973
VP-BME Aeroflot A320 3699
VP-BOI Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 24650/1792
VP-BQI Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 25186/2236
VP-BQL Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 25185/2220
VP-BQU Aeroflot A320 3373
VP-BRG Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 24826/2041
VP-BRI Nordavia Regional Airlines B737 25289/2288
VP-BRX Aeroflot A320 3063
VP-BRY Aeroflot A320 3052
VP-BRZ Aeroflot A320 3157
VP-BTA transaero B737 21443/501
VP-BVU Donavia B737 25166/2129
VP-BWD Aeroflot A320 2116
VP-BWI Aeroflot A320 2163
VP-BWJ Aeroflot A319 2179
VP-BWK Aeroflot A319 2222
VP-BWM Aeroflot A320 2233
VP-BWN Aeroflot A321 2330
VP-BWU Aeroflot B767 25076/366
VP-BWW Aeroflot B767 27959/609
VP-BWX Aeroflot B767 27960/625
VP-BZO Aeroflot A320 3574
VP-BZQ Aeroflot A320 3627
VP-CLO biz jet - Lukoil Avia Falcon 90
VP-CLZ biz jet - Lukoil Avia CL.6 5193
VQ-BAL Nordwind Airlines B757 27351/639
VQ-BAY Aeroflot A320 3786
VQ-BBD Aeroflot A319 3838
VQ-BBE Aeroflot A330 1014
VQ-BBF Aeroflot A330 1045
VQ-BCN Aeroflot A320 3954
VQ-BCQ Aeroflot A330 1058
VQ-BEA Aeroflot A321 4058
VQ-BED Aeroflot A321 4074
VQ-BEF Aeroflot A321 4103
VQ-BEG Aeroflot A321 4116
VQ-BEH Aeroflot A320 4133
VQ-BEK Aeroflot A330 1077
VQ-BHK Aeroflot A321 4461
VQ-BHL Aeroflot A320 4453
VQ-BIR Aeroflot A320 4625
VQ-BIW Aeroflot A320 4579
VQ-BJB Air Bridge Cargo B747 33749/1352
VQ-BKS Aeroflot A320 4692
VQ-BKU Aeroflot A320 4835
VQ-BNS Aeroflot A330 1264
VQ-BOD Nordwind Airlines A321 1233
VQ-BOE Nordwind Airlines A321 1219
VQ-BOI Aeroflot A321 5059
VQ-BPI Aeroflot A330 1323
VQ-BPJ Aeroflot A330 1328
VQ-BQY Aeroflot A330 1247