Schiphol, 24/03/2012



Schiphol Oost.

The final approach to the Kaagbaan spot.

The next photo is made at a spot not (yet) described at this website. If you go to spot near the taxiway over the A4 , and continue walking away from the airport for 15 minutes, then you will end up overlooking one of the cargo aprons. You can also see the touchdown point for the kaagbaan and the Martinair cargo apron. The latter two will face the sun though.

While driving over the Fokkerweg from the Fokker Business Park to Schiphol oost, I passed a crash barrier. I have driven over this road quite often, and canīt remember ever having seen planes parked this close to the fence! A few stored planes could be seen. A retired KLM 737-400, a Cityjet ARJ and a F27. The Fokker has been earmarked to serve as a gateguard for the Fokker Business Park. However, the paperwork has not been sorted out yet, so the plan is on hold for now.

Registration Airline Type C/N
9A-CQB Croatia DHC-8 4211
9H-AEN Air Malta A320 2665
A6-ECF Emirates B777 35574/690
CN-NMB Air Arabia A320 3833
CS-TNP TAP Air Portugal A320 2178
D-ABER Lufthansa B737 26431/2242
D-ACKF Lufthansa Regional - Cityline CRJ-900 15083
D-AEBH Lufthansa Regional - Cityline EMB-190 190-00447
D-CINI biz jet - Jetline C.560 560-5195
EC-HSF Iberia A320 1255
EC-KLB A320 3321
EC-LKM Air Europa EMB-190 190-00425
EI-EDS Aer Lingus A320 3755
EI-IXV Alitalia A321 819
EI-RJI Air France - City jet ARJ E2346
EI-WXA Cityjet ARJ E2310
EK-74799 Saudi Arabian Cargo B747 24399/750
F-GRGH Air France - Regional Airlines Emb-145 145120
G-DOCO British Airways B737 25849/2381
G-EUPK British Airways A319 1236
G-EUUD British Airways A320 1760
G-EUXJ British Airways A321 3081
G-EZAL Easyjet A319 2754
G-EZFA Easyjet A319 3788
G-EZIO Easyjet A319 2512
G-FLBD FlyBe. DHC-8 4259
G-TOYG BMI Baby B737 28872/3082
HL-7766 Korean Air B777 34213/730
N172DN Delta Airlines B767 24775/312
N188DN Delta Airlines B767 27583/631
N199DN Delta Airlines B767 28456/690
N19XE Fokker Business Park F27 10449
N319CM ATI B767 24407/247
N500UK biz jet - EA51 Inc EA500 000051
N514EA biz jet - etirc aircraft holding EA500 000053
N774LA LAN Cargo B777 37710/782
N938UW US Airways B757 27246/643
OH-LVF Finnair A319 1808
OH-MAL biz jet - Jetflite BD.700 9263
OY-KFB SAS CRJ-900 15211
PH-AKA KLM A330 1287
PH-AOI KLM A330 819
PH-BGR KLM B737 39446/3728
PH-BGT KLM B737 38634/3762
PH-BGX KLM B737 38635/3811
PH-BQC KLM B777 29397/461
PH-BQF KLM asia B777 29398/474
PH-BVD KLM B777 35979/807
PH-BXB KLM B737 29132/261
PH-BXK KLM B737 29598/639
PH-BXO KLM B737 29599/866
PH-BXP KLM B737 29600/924
PH-BXT KLM B737 32944/1498
PH-CTH biz jet - Flying Service Falcon 194
PH-EAM Vliegclub Schiphol F.172 F17201602
PH-EZH KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00319
PH-EZO KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00345
PH-EZU KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00522
PH-JCT KLM Cityhopper F70 11537
PH-KCD KLM MD-11 48558/573
PH-KCE KLM MD-11 48559/575
PH-KCF KLM MD-11 48560/579
PH-KCI KLM MD-11 48563/593
PH-KZO KLM Cityhopper F70 11528
PH-KZS KLM Cityhopper F70 11540
PH-KZW KLM Cityhopper F70 11558
PH-MCR Martinair cargo MD-11 48617/581
PH-OFN KLM Cityhopper F100 11477
PH-OYJ ArkeFly B767 29384/784
PH-WXA KLM Cityhopper F70 PH-WXA
PH-XRA Transavia B737 30784/873
TC-AAU Pegasus Airlines B737 40873/3238
TC-JRR Turkish Airlines A321 4706
TC-OBH Onur Air A320 1482
TF-FII Icelandair B757 24760/281
VP-BJD biz jet Gulfstream 5064
YR-BGB TAROM B737 27180/2529