Schiphol, 20/08/2011



Schiphol Oost.

Today I decided to try something new. With runway 18L in use for take-offs, I decided to see if line-up shots could be made. Turns out it can! I parked the car at the Mac Donalds spot, and walked over the bicyclepath paralel to the new Loevesteinse Randweg. You can stand right next to the line-up oint as you can see below.

The Zwanenburgbaan spot.

The approach to the Polderbaan.

And finishing at the official Polderbaan spot.

Registration Airline Type C/N
5Y-KQT Kenya Airways B777 33682/514
9A-CTG Croatia A319 767
9H-AEN Air Malta A320 2665
A6-EBP Emirates B777 32710/569
B-2422 Jade Cargo B747 35173/1387
B-HUB Cathay Pacific B747 25873/937
C-FPHS biz jet B737 24970/1977
C-GGTS Air Transat A330 250
CS-TTA TAP Air Portugal A319 750
D-AILN Lufthansa A319 700
EC-JGM A320 2407
EC-KKT A320 3293
EI-DEH Aer Lingus A320 2294
EI-DES Aer Lingus A320 2635
EI-DTD Alitalia A320 3846
EI-DVD windjet A320 647
EI-DVG Aer Lingus A320 3318
EI-IXB Alitalia A321 524
EI-OZC DHL Worldwide Express - Air Contractors A300 189
EI-RJZ City Airline ARJ E2326
F-GRGF Air France - Regional Airlines ERJ-145 145050
F-GTAT Air France A321 3441
G-EUOF British Airways A319 1590
G-EUPF British Airways A319 1197
G-EZFD Easyjet A319 3810
G-EZFF Easyjet A319 3844
G-EZFV Easyjet A319 4327
G-JECG FlyBe. DHC-8 4098
HB-JJA Privatair - KLM B737 34303/1758
HL-7750 Korean Air B777 34209/633
HZ-ANA Saudi Arabian Cargo MD-11 48773/609
N14120 Continental Airlines B757 27562/761
N195DN Delta Airlines B767 28452/676
N38HG biz jet C.560 560-5114
N739MA ArkeFly B737 30670/1481
N758SA Southern Air B747 23138/604
N890BB biz jet Falcon 611
OE-LDC Austrian Airlines A320 2262
OK-XGE CSA Czech Airlines B737 26543/2339
OY-RTF Cimber Air ATR 72 496
PH-AHQ ArkeFly B767 24477/337
PH-AOB KLM A330 686
PH-BFB KLM B747 24000/732
PH-BFV KLM B747 28460/1225
PH-BGB KLM B737 37594/2594
PH-BGD KLM B737 30366/2675
PH-BGL KLM B737 30369/3407
PH-BGM KLM B737 39255/3569
PH-BGN KLM B737 38125/3584
PH-BQC KLM B777 29397/461
PH-BQF KLM B777 29398/474
PH-BQG KLM B777 32704/476
PH-BQN KLM B777 32720/561
PH-BTB KLM B737 25423/2184
PH-BVF KLM B777 39972/915
PH-BXD KLM B737 29134/355
PH-BXG KLM B737 30357/605
PH-BXL KLM B737 30359/659
PH-CDE Dutch Corendon Airlines B737 35795/2829
PH-CHT biz jet - Flying Service Falcon 40
PH-EAM Vliegclub Schiphol F.172 F17201602
PH-EZG KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00315
PH-EZK KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00250
PH-EZP KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00347
PH-EZR KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00375
PH-EZS KLM Cityhopper EMB-190 190-00380
PH-GGW Transavia B737 35831/3165
PH-HSD Transavia B737 39260/3581
PH-HSE Transavia B737 39259/3635
PH-HZI Transavia B737 28380/524
PH-KCA KLM MD-11 48555/557
PH-KCK KLM MD-11 48564/612
PH-KZB KLM Cityhopper F70 11562
PH-KZD KLM Cityhopper F70 11582
PH-KZF KLM Cityhopper F70 11577
PH-KZI KLM Cityhopper F70 11579
PH-KZK KLM Cityhopper F70 11581
PH-KZN KLM Cityhopper F70 11553
PH-KZP KLM Cityhopper F70 11539
PH-LEN Aerophoto Schiphol Aviation BV C.152 1619
PH-MCI Martinair B767 25312/400
PH-MEX biz jet - Solid Air C.650 650-0217
PH-XRC Transavia B737 29347/1318
PH-XRW Transavia B737 33465/1316
PH-XRY Transavia B737 33463/1292
PK-GPI Garuda Indonesia A330 1052
S5-AAD Adria CRJ-200 7166
TC-AAU Pegasus Airlines B737 40873/3238
TC-JGK Anadolu Jet B737 34409/1924
TS-IOI Tunisair B737 27257/2583
VQ-BKT Aeroflot A320 4712