Oostende, 06/07/2011


Registration Airline Type C/N
9G-AXA Meridian Airways DC-8 46113/521
9G-AXB Meridian Airways DC-8 46097/503
9G-BAN Continental Cargo Airlines DC-8 45904/309
D-EOSG private C.172 17281200
EC-IDQ KHBO B727 19489/593
G-MKBA MK Airlines B747 22481/454
G-MKEA MK Airlines B747 22237/460
N279WA world airways MD-11 48756/623
N382WA world airways MD-11 48411/453
OO-NHX NHV - Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen AS.365 6706
PH-GRH Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht C.172 17274269


And for the sake of completeness also the log from Woensdrecht, at which a short stop was held.

Registration Airline Type C/N
D2-ESR Sonair F50 20240
PH-FSQ Fokker Services B.V. F100 11491
PH-KXR Aircraft Financing and Trading B.V. F100 11410
PH-LXG Aircraft Financing and Trading B.V. F100 11420
N800DH DDH Aviation F28 11176
N305MX Mexicana Click F100 11305