Touchdownpoint at runway 18L/36R 


On the western side of the Aalsmeerderbaan you can get really close tot the runway. At least as close as you can at the Kaagbaan. As soon as the sun gets in a bad position for the Kaagbaan, it will be in a perfect position for this spot.  

Getting there from Schiphol Plaza.

Getting here is quite easy too. From Schiphol Plaza you can get there by taking bus 191 to "Anchoragelaan". This busstop can not be missed, as it is the end of the line.

Of course you can get there just as easily by car. From Schiphol Plaza you should enter the motorway A4 towards Den Haag. At the first exit you should leave, and head for Aalsmeer. At the 2nd set of traffic lights you must go to the left, into the office park. Follow that road, and take a left turn at the roundabout. Follow this road to the end, and you are there! There is no parking space there so you will have to park your car on the side of the road. Do not go beyond the no-access sign!


Spot description.

This spot is remote. Do not count on mobile snackbars like at the Kaagbaan and the Polderbaan. Do not count on dozens of people either, although you may see a handfull of people. There is no shelter either. Really, if bad weather is expected this is not a place you should go to!

OK, having scared away the wannabe spotters, let's get the nice stuff. From around 14:00 this spot will have excellent light! Depending on runway use you can either see the planes touch down right in front of you, or rotating a bit in the distance.

This runway is used mostly as a back-up runway for the Kaagbaan. During rush hours most flights going to/from the East and the South tend to use this runway, while flights to/from the west and the north take the Kaagbaan. This leads to some very intersting movements at this runway including China Southern, Japan Airlines and Armavia.

From a distance you can see the KLM Maintenance hangars as well as the former Fokker factory. If a plane is landing on runway 04/22 (Fokkerbaan/Oostbaan) it will pass here as well, as can be seen in the Falcon photo.