Approach to runway 18L/36R "Aalsmeerderbaan".


Near the former offices of Air Holland you can see planes on final approach for runway 36R. You do not have to bother going there when this runway is used for take-offs as the planes will be too high up for good photos, unless you happen to have a very long lense.

The view that can be had from this place is good almost all day long. Only late afternoon does the sun start to block your view. This runway is not used all the time though. When the wind comes from the northeast to the northwest this runway is used for landings. It is only the secondary runway though, after the Kaagbaan.

Getting here is quite easy. Just take bus 187 or 194 to "Cessnalaan", "Capronilaan" or "Breguetlaan". Those are the southbound busses terminating at the Amstelveen bustation (187) or Schiphol Oost (194). Which busstop to exit depends on the position of the sun, but they are all pretty close together.

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