Approach to runway 06/24 “Kaagbaan”


This is a fine spot that can be used to watch planes coming in to land on runway 06/24. This place can only be used when the wind comes roughly from the Northeast. Most of the times the wind comes from the Southwest, so this place can often not be used.

If the wind comes from the Southwest, runway 06/24 is used for take-off. Normally the planes are to high up to make any decent pictures, but you may be lucky with some of the larger planes. Nonetheless, if the wind does come from the SW you’d be better of going to the other spot near runway 06/24.


This place can be used all day, you won’t have to worry about the sun as there is always a place where you can watch them with the sun in the back. Please note that it is NOT allowed to park your car here! Cars WILL be send off! Please park at the nearby MacDonalds and hotel!



When you are coming by bus this is an excellent spot and you will hardly have to walk at all! From Schiphol Plaza take bus 187/188/191/198 southbound. This is the bus that also stops at P30. Get of at busstop “Van Zanten". The approach path is behind you. Depending on your preferences and camera you can walk a bit closer to the approach path.

If you are coming by car you will have to park at the nearby MacDonalds and hotel (see the P on the map). Coming from the A4, take the exit to Aalsmeer/Hoofddorp. Finding your way to the MacDonalds should be no problem. From here you should walk down the road (see the cross on the map). Just follow the planes! : - )

If you come from the Schiphol Plaza area, including car rentals, you must follow the signs to P30. Don’t go there but continue on the same road. At the end of the road you go to the right (onto the N201). Park at the MacDonalds on your right and walk a bit back.